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The Mother and the Genie

Rūtos salė

Thursday, den May. 16th 2024

Based on the book, this classroom performance explores a mother’s alcoholism through the 

fantasies of a little girl, avoiding the factual reality. As we move through the child’s story, 

more important is her abandonment and the imaginary world into which she transposes her 

everyday problems. This is how it happens that in the story there are genies (in Hungarian, 

it’s a homonym with ’gin’, the alcohol) who abduct the mother in the evenings. 

Káva Drama Theatre in Education Association (founded in 1996) creates complex Theater in Education and Drama in Education programs for students of public education, from age 6 to 18. The repertoire addresses both current social issues and more general philosophical and ethical questions. Our work is about raising questions, consciously not attempting to answer them. Beyond aesthetic education, the examination of democratic citizenship, micro- and macro-social, moral problems through theatrical forms also belong to our function. In our work with children and youngsters theatre is a tool to discover a road to understand a certain human problematic on a deeper level. 

Duration 90 min.  

Recommended age: 12 years old and up.  


Thursday, den May. 16th 2024
Session 14:00
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