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Didžioji scena

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024

Director Artūras Areima

Costume designer Valdemara Jasulaityte

Set designer Oles Makukhin

Composer Mantvydas Leonas Pranulis

Video artist Kristijonas Dirsė

In the play the french playwright Joël Pommerat explores the feeling of love, combining the curiosity of a scientist and the passion of an artist. The director Artūras Areima is taking over this playful game. The performance features fragmented stories about a variety of colours and manifestations of love/lovelessness. Sometimes love is comic, sometimes melodramatic, banal, ironic, absurd, surreal, or as complicated as the relationship between two hostile states. On the field of love, battles are fought, destinies are shattered, the most delicate nuances of feelings are stirred, and everybody is striving for the impossible -
the perfect fulfilment of love. But perfection is hardly possible, because lovelessness, indifference, loss and disappointment are just different stages of the same emotion. This collage of moments and random dialogues wittily lampoons the clichés of relationships taken from literature, cinema and television.

Actors: Andrius Alešiūnas; Arnas Ašmonas; Mantas Bendžius; Eugenija Bendoriūtė; Deividas Breivė; Tomas Erbrėderis; Martyna Gedvilaitė; Vilija Grigaitytė; Motiejus Ivanauskas; Liubomiras Laucevičius; Gytis Laskovas; Kamilė Lebedytė; Vaidas Maršalka; Pijus Narijauskas; Miglė Navasaitytė; Inesa Paliulytė; Goda Petkutė; Monika Poderytė; Dainius Svobonas; Sigitas Šidlauskas; Ugnė Žirgulė; Ridas Žirgulis.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2024
Session 18:00
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