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Thursday, den May. 23rd 2024

“I hope that people look at you. That they look at you and are confused about what you’re doing. They don't know if I've said anything to you or not. You may just be going around in circles because you have nothing else to do.” The Crowd explores how we navigate our positions in crowds. You’ll hear texts from different people about the loneliness and the joy they experience while being part of different groups of people; on a bus, at the beach, at a concert, at the cinema. Who are you when you're on the outside of the group, and who are you as an individual when you're just a tiny part of a big group? While listening, together the audience becomes a crowd. This performance gives the audience possibilities they rarely get to experience in the theatre. The audience gets headphones they will wear throughout the performance and there will not be any seating. Maybe “The Crowd” can be compared to the theatre's version of silent disco? The project is created by Teater Leikhus’ Eva Rosemarijn and Lise Andrea, who have written and directed the piece together. Over 20 voice actors have helped with the project by lending us their voice, Irene Nessa Bjørnevik has been in charge of scenography and Eva Rosemarijn has created original music for the piece. The project has been developed over the course of two years with support from “Dramatikkens hus” and dramaturg Morten Cranner. 

“The Crowd” is an audiovisual experience about the loneliness and the joy we experience while being part of different kinds of crowds. Come experience being part of this crowd in a performance that could be described as the theatre’s version of silent disco! 

Running time: 80 min.  

Recommended age: 12 years and up.  

Thursday, den May. 23rd 2024
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