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One-act performance

Didžioji scena

Sunday, den March. 17th 2024

Director: Aleksandr Špilevoj

Projection designer: Paulius Jakubėnas

Composer: Paulius Trijonis

Set and costume designer: Barbora Šulniūtė

Actors Nelė Savičenko (Ulja Richtė), Inesa Paliulytė (Ulja Richtė), Mantas Zemleckas (Kšištof Zelinski), Deividas Breivė (Kšištof Zelinski), Gytis Ivanauskas (Styv), Gintautas Bejeris (Styv), Indrė Patkauskaitė (Natali Blumištein), Martyna Gedvilaitė (Natali Blumištein), Matas Dirginčius (Maikl), Arnas Ašmonas (Maikl), Dainius Svobonas (Voice of the Author ).


Disquiet is a performance-based on a play by the popular contemporary Russian playwright and director Ivan Vyrypaev. The action takes place in New York, in the apartment of a famous American writer Ula Richter. An ambitious Polish journalist interviews the celebrity. This interview is of great importance: to the journalist, it can become a trampoline for his professional career in New York, while for the writer, it is a great opportunity to tell the truth or maybe to mess with everyone and create another myth of herself. The mysterious intrigue begins when the journalist asks questions he has been warned to avoid – about the writer’s German origin, allegations of anti-Semitism, and her scandalous removal from the Nobel Prize nominees. Disquiet is a story about authors creating not only their works but also their own myth – the most specific and intense as well as the brightest and the most genuine reality. Disquiet is what people feel when they love. Disquiet is what people feel when they create. Disquiet is what people feel when they kill. This whole spectrum of contradictory feelings, which we call disquiet, is experienced by the creator, the artist. “The creation is the Creator’s disquiet at every second of creation, in every single part of this strange universe, and in every single one of us”, says the protagonist of the performance. Disquiet is a modern, ironic performance about the essence of creation.

Duration – 1 h 40 min ( without intemission)

Sunday, den March. 17th 2024
Session 15:00
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